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About Us

Here is a bit of what you want to know about us!

Our Priorities

We are a professional painting company that has highly skilled painters and very friendly ones too! When we are painting we have two main priorities, one is to do the best we can do and the other one is to make the customer happy.

What We Offer

We do so much more than just painting the inside of your house! We paint inside, outside, ceilings, cabinets and fences. Anything you can think of that needs painting in your house, we got you covered! We also offer wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, ceiling knockdown and we also do staining.

Free Estimates!

If you want to get an estimate for a job we can give it to you... for free! No matter what the job is you can just tell us the details of the job you want to get done and we will give you your free estimate as soon as possible!


Before and....

We sometimes work with other companies to do something greater than just painting houses or buildings. As you can see in this picture the house is still under construction and is unfinished.


This is the same house from the previous picture. It is fully finished and we painted the outside of it and adding very unique details to it. This is the type of work we guarantee to do, whatever painting you need, you can always count on us!


Testimonial from our client

"Jimmy did an amazing job painting the walls and ceiling of my 1913 condo. The ceiling had numerous cracks - he scrapped, mudded and sanded, the painted. They look wonderful, Edging was challenging given the age of the walls. When he was finished painting, he cleaned up everything. He finished on time and on budget. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat!"

-CP, customer

Testimonial from our client

"Jimmy and his team are awesome! We've used them personally and have had several clients use them. I highly recommend Jimmy and his awesome team of painters!"

- Kerby Skurat

RE/MAX Results


If you're interested feel free to give us a call or send an Email at 651-361-0167 or Jaime-lopez05@hotmail.com! 

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